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    Exclusive Forex4you 12th Anniversary Seminar series

    Posted onJune 27, 2019at09:50

    From April to June 2019 we held four big seminars for our partners and clients in Thailand. The goal of these seminars was to educate our clients, further build their trading skills and to help our partners increase their earning capacity. These four events were held across different regions in Thailand and saw over 650 participants.

    Our speakers included renowned Forex trainer Ezekiel Chew, who is the founder and resident trainer of a very successful training company. His passion and enthusiasm in the field of trading have given hundreds of thousands of traders each month the education and insight they need to strengthen their skills. The event continued with trading professional Karen Foo, who is also co-author of the leading book “Turning Ideas Into Profit” and winner of a Singapore’s forex trading competition where she competed with over 200 traders. She was also ranked 10th in FX Street’s trading contest, competing with over 3000 traders from over 20 countries!

    The talks covered the following topics:

    • What is happening in the financial market and how to earn from it
    • Stocks vs Forex vs Bitcoins – which is more secure?
    • Share4you – unique copy trading service opening up the possibility to earn more without trading experience or time investment
    • Famous trading gurus shared their trading secrets

    These specially organized events to celebrate our 12th anniversary also ran concurrently with our exciting promotions and contests, adding to this already joyous occasion. This included a promo where participants of the events could win special gifts just by trading.