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    Capital Adequacy of Forex4you Exceeds 40%

    Posted onJuly 31, 2015at12:54
    Capital Adequacy of Forex4you Exceeds 40%
    According to our company financial activities report, we have successfully achieved a capital adequacy ratio of over 40%, and Forex4you is constantly striving to increase this ratio to provide even greater stability in the provision of services. It means that for every 1,000 USD of client funds, our company can pay 1,400 USD. This is important, because if you, as a trader, make a profit during your trading activities, you can always withdraw it easily, as Forex4you has enough funds to cover the amount of your profit! Apart from obtaining professional indemnity insurance (in early June, the company concluded an agreement with multinational insurance company Willis Group Holdings plc,), the company is constantly increasing its own money reserves. According to its latest quarterly report, submitted as part of its reporting obligation to the Financial Services Commission (BVI), the company holds a capital adequacy ratio of 40.88%. The company constantly strives to increase this ratio, which already exceeds minimum industry standard requirements. Based on the report of the second quarter of 2015 the company’s current CAR ratio is twice as high than the average for the industry (15 – 20%). And despite the most important economic events of the year, such as 15/01/2015 event involving the Swiss franc, or the high volatility in Greece, and even in moments of unpredictable market movements, retail Forex broker Forex4you continues its steady development. Continuous improvement of company services, as well as trading opportunities at Forex4you are only growing.