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    Forex4you Confirms its International Status Through New Partnership

    Posted onJuly 13, 2015at12:14
    Forex4you confirms its International Status Through New Partnership with Willis Group Holdings plc.
    Keeping its focus on cooperation with reputed international companies, Forex4you has concluded an agreement with the renowned British insurance company Willis Group Holdings plc to be our new partner for insurance-related services. As the world’s third-largest global insurance broker, Willis offers broker insurance, reinsurance and risk management services in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Korea, South Africa and Latin America. The London branch of Willis also provides retail insurance. With roots dating back to 1828, Willis operates today on every continent with more than 18,000 employees in over 400 offices. Willis is not the first international partner selected by Forex4you in accordance with its new policy — to give preference to international companies to provide higher quality of services and greater security for our clients.