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    MarketPlace – Our Own Liquidity Aggregator

    Posted onMay 20, 2016at14:00
    MarketPlace is a new Forex4you Liquidity Aggregator
    We are pleased to announce the launch of MarketPlace — a liquidity aggregator and order execution technology we have developed for the benefit of our clients. By introducing MarketPlace, we provide a new tech “engine” for your advisors and trading strategies — order execution has now become faster and more reliable. With this new execution and aggregate technology we can offer our clients long term relations of unparalleled stability. MarketPlace is a software that aggregates offers from various liquidity providers, chooses the best Bid/Ask prices and transmits them to the clients’ terminals. The execution of client requests is now always done at the best available prices. We have also developed our own bridge solution (Eglobal Forwarder) that connects the MT4 trading terminal to our MarketPlace. It allows us to control and be responsible for the entire process of order execution “in house”. All of our company servers are already connected to Marketplace quotes feed, although, for now, new order execution technology is used only on three servers —Pro STP, Classic NDD and Demo. MarketPlace brings our clients the following benefits: —Higher order execution speed with average execution time on Pro STP and Classic NDD servers shorter by 1.5 times, down to 280 and 460 milliseconds; —Reduced possibility of slippage and number of requotes thanks to faster order execution. —Improved stability and reliability, as well as the possibility of using alternative trading terminals. For example, mobile Forex4you trading application for iOS and Android, and soon also JAVA Forex4you Terminal for PCs! —Improved aggregation and enhanced quotes feed due to simpler connection process to new liquidity providers. Soon all of our company’s servers will be transferred to the MarketPlace, including the upgraded PAMM service at its base. Then each of our clients will be able to experience the advantages described above. We continue to develop, improve and implement new technologies to offer you affordable, high-quality and reliable service!