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  • Want to pocket a little extra cash? Here's a tip on money-making apps that will earn cash on the go, right from your smart phone.

    Enough users have tested these apps to know that they work. But don't quit your day job just yet. The reality check is it sometimes takes months before you see any payout, and even longer to earn a meaningful sum.

    Still, what's not to like about optimizing your idle time and spending, and with so little effort? We've picked five money-making apps that are legit in our books. Best of all, they're free to sign up and use straight away.

    Start earning now.

    1. Survey Apps

    Our Pick: Milieu Surveys [App Store | Google PlayStore]


    3-5 minutes to fill out survey; choice of cash, e-vouchers or gifting to a charity.


    Minimum of 10,500 points to exchange for US$7 in cash or e-vouchers. One user estimated that if you average 300 points a day, it would take roughly two months to earn US$14. But hey, that's still good for several bubble tea purchases.

    One of the easiest money-making apps right now is paid surveys.

    Milieu Surveys lets you turn your opinions on various topics into cash, on an organization’s behalf to gain consumer insights. Two to three surveys are uploaded every week, though note that you may not qualify for the full survey if your profile does not fit what Milieu is seeking.

    Questions range from multiple choice to open-ended ones. Similar to video games, once you level up, you get to boost your points for questions answered.

    2. Cashback Apps

    Our Pick: ShopBack [App Store | Google PlayStore]


    No complicated points system. Cashback is in cold hard cash. Can be stacked on top of promotions and credit card perks.


    Up to 30% in cashbacks. Expect a few months for ShopBack to verify your transaction before you see your money. Requires at least US$10 in your account before you can make a withdrawal.

    Cashback apps are a great way to save as you spend, as well as earn rewards.

    ShopBack works like an affiliate platform. It receives a commission from the participating merchants (over thousands, at last count) for every transaction you make through its cashback platform. ShopBack then shares a percentage of that commission with you.

    You can also join ShopBack's Smarter Way Facebook Group for updates and discussions on how to optimize cashbacks using its platform.

    3. Influencer Marketing Apps

    Our Pick: Partipost [App Store | Google PlayStore]


    Get paid to share about brands you like on social media.


    On average, payouts are from US$3 to US$110 per campaign. Highest amount a Partipost user is said to have earned is US$10,900 from over 300 campaigns in a three-year period.

    Crowd-marketing apps allow anyone with a social media account to earn by sharing. And it's as simple as the app says: Just snap, post and earn.

    Partipost's low barrier to entry means you don't need to be an influencer or boast a minimum number of followers to participate. You do need to be above 16 years old with a valid bank account. Partipost will also indicate if you profile does not meet the campaign's minimum requirements.

    Most campaigns require either an Instagram story or a post to earn. Of course, if you have your eye on a higher payout, expect a more stringent brief such as a minimum number of followers.

    4. Food Apps

    Our Pick: ShopBack GO [App Store | Google PlayStore]


    All the benefits of ShopBack. No minimum spend or cashback cap.


    Around 5% cashback (before taxes), in addition to promotions and credit card perks. Funds take seven to 14 days to be credited into your bank or PayPal account.

    Today's food apps have become the new frontier for getting paid to dine.

    For this, ShopBack GO has many strong suits. Cashbacks can be stacked on top of promotions and credit card rewards. Another nifty advantage is you can link multiple cards to the platform. This is useful for specific card promotions tied to the eatery.

    ShopBack GO also offers "Boost" rewards such as extra cashback for your first visit to a participating restaurant.

    5. Trading Apps

    Our Pick: Forex4you [App Store | Google PlayStore]


    Monthly Trading Hero Contest lets members compete to win actual cash.


    Thirty winners share a prize pool of US$3,095, with a top prize of US$400. You will need at least US$50 in your account to join.

    Trading apps are enjoying an uptick on the back of coronavirus-linked market volatility.

    If you're into forex trading and think you've got the moves, Forex4you has an interesting contest for members to showcase their skills. The Trading Hero Contest takes place at the start of each month with actual cash to be won. Forex4you is well-regulated and was named Best Forex Broker Asia 2020 by Global Banking & Finance Review. It is legit.

    Whatever platform you go for, always take into consideration level of risk tolerance. However, if forex trading is for you, then Forex4you's contest may be a good way to hone your skills, and earn extra cash.

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